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Type II Remover Gallon - No Label

o really get your hair system looking like new again, nothing can beat the Transdermal Type II Remover from Pro Hair Labs. This adhesive residue remover is tough on glue and can tackle a wide range of hair adhesive products, from co-polymers to latex and everything in between. The beauty of Transdermal Type II is that it will blast away all remains of the cosmetic bonding product, whilst still looking after the hair system.

With citrus based cleaners and no toxic ingredients, Transdermal Type II cares for your hair system, helping it to keep its colour and condition for longer. Pro Hair Labs have formulated this adhesive residue remover to be high performance, but without the use of lanolin or aloe ingredients. We know these particular ingredients can leave hair systems oily, causing problems with cosmetic bonding and a poor appearance. With Transdermal Type II Remover, you can be sure of breathing new life into your hair system every time you clean.

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Price : $65.00