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GHOSTBOND™ XL 1.3oz - No Label

Following on from the success of our GhostBond™â€‹ Adhesive, Pro Hair Labs have refined and developed our solution to bring you GhostBond™ XL. This unique hair adhesive has been specially formulated to protect against excessive moisture or sweat and to have a melting point higher than that of regular wig adhesive solutions, keeping your hair looking cool no matter how hot it gets.

GhostBond™ XL offers an elegant solution to keep your confidence high and peace of mind intact. Developed by specialist chemists to be incredibly high performance whilst still also kind to your scalp, you can’t go wrong with GhostBond™ XL.

Download Label Template For GhostBond™ XL 1.3oz.

Price : $15.00

(100 or more $15.00/unit)